IT Audit

With the continuing change of technology, and often user driven approach to IT consumption, your systems need to be evolving at a faster pace than ever before. The dynamic nature of IT in your business makes it hard to keep up and ensure your systems are moving in the same direction your organisation is. New risks are need to be identified, compliance has to be met, and your resources must be focused in the right areas.

An IT audit by InScope IT provides you with the information you need to make tactical decisions around technology and your business. We deliver a clear, vendor agnostic, end-to-end report on your systems and processes to help the organisation identify risk and IT requirements.

An IT audit can be bespoke to your organisation and will generally entail the following:

  • Evaluating hardware lifecycle
  • Network configuration mapping
  • Security configuration deep dive
  • Reviewing system policies and documentation
  • Reviewing industry compliance
  • Assessing cloud configuration
  • Investigating backup and disaster recovery practices
  • Vendor and services assessment
  • ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Center) maturity level
  • Licensing compliance check
  • Reviewing policies and manual procedures
  • Budget assessment